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  • Jun 24, 2020 01:48 PM
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    Democrats and Republicans need to stop going back and forth and come up with a package that can actually help us. Luckily my husband can still go to work, however, he only makes $48,000 a year and I cant because we have 4 child with no daycare available. I'm trying to be resourceful by trying to sell unused belongings on apps even doing postmates but as the 1st on July approaches we don't have rent. The 1st package was great but all it did for my family was catch us up. We didn't get a new TV or take a vacation, we needed it all to cover expenses. Best of all because my husband on his own makes $48,000 annually we do not qualify for any government assistance. I usually would want nothing to do with government assistance but right now it's needed and we cant get any help.