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  • May 01, 2020 01:37 AM
    Last: 3yr
    Debi Wrote:

    I have been having the same issue. I received a letter stating my DD was scheduled for 4/29/2020. The get my payment app says it was deposited on 4/29/2020. I have been in touch with my bank and they said nothing has come through for deposit.

    It has been a month and still says it was DD on 4/29/2020.

    Somehow the IRS has my mailing address as my email address without the (@) or the (.)com .

    So the only way to use the get my payment is to use the email address straight thru as an address, but it still has my city, state and zip, and I received the letter from the IRS that way.

    I went in and changed the information weeks ago and it is still not letting me sign in using the correct address info.

    My banking account is correct I have triple triple checked it and everything else.

    I can't reach anyone at the IRS.

    For those saying that they owe child support, I read on the website they are waiving that and it shouldn't hold up your payment, though they may be able to take it once it is deposited into your account.

    Who do we contact to find out where our payment is?

    I have been blaming the bank for rejecting it because they can't seem to put together that my legal name is Debra and somehow they have my account name in Debi. So, if they reject it due to that I will change banks. But they did say it hasn't even come thru or they would have put a note on the account that it was rejected and why.

    So, here were are, broke, unemployed, and no EIP!! And, no one to help us!

    The IRS obviously aren't updating the websites daily like they say or they would see the address correction on my account!

    This is so very frustrating and disgusting!

    The IRS is useless and refuse to help anyone!

    We can't even report an issue?!

  • May 01, 2020 01:37 AM
    Last: 3yr
    Direct deposit scheduled for May 20, 20 using GreenDot... Still nothing...can't reach a live person with neither one... SO FRUSTRATING