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  • May 21, 2020 08:37 PM
    Last: 1yr
    When I check status for my check it shows it was sent to my old address on April 24 I haven’t lived there for over a year and a half. I’ve done my taxes for both 18 and 19 but I’m also on disability so they have my direct deposit information why would they have sent A paper check and why to an old address? No where will it allow me to change my address or change any information so where is my money I know who bought my house the check never went there it had to get returned I’ve gotten to disability checks since April 24 may& June but no stimulus check been on disability since 2007 direct deposit… Where is my stimulus check and how can I get it or when will I get it how will I get it this site for get my payment just says they mailed it the 24th to my old address my CPA has checked into it I’ve done it there’s no way of changing any of the information what can I do I need that money desperately!!!!