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  • May 01, 2020 01:37 AM
    Last: 2yr
    My sister and I applied on May 4th and 6th respectively and we both have dd through NetSpend, she received her payment 2 weeks ago, she never even checked the portal, I have been checking it daily said supposed to be deposited on 5-28 but NOTHING
  • May 19, 2020 03:07 AM
    Last: 2yr
    Soooo, I am also wondering where my stimulus payment is at. Unfortunately I do owe about $10,000, here's the BUT, my daughters were basically kidnapped from me by CPS due to the fact that it was found out that my evil no good piece of s#it ex was touching my oldest daughter (not his bio daughter but he helped raise her from the age of one) anyway they took my daughters and long story short I suffered a mental breakdown. My whole life had just been shattered.Y beautiful brave smart daughter was damaged in one of the worst was by someone who she should have been able to trust, and I as a mother failed her by not properly protecting her. I never regained custody of my daughters, they stayed with my sister for about a year and she received some sort of aid, and then we made sure that a distant relative who never had her own children and whom her and her wife could provide for them like they deserved (And I could no longer due to now having no home no job no spouse no support and no belief in myself anymore) and take care of them as they needed adopted them that whole thing started 10exactly in 2 days and I'm forever paying for my mistakes, both mine and both my daughters pain and suffering, and that sick f@cks actions, I don't believe it's right in any way