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  • May 09, 2020 05:53 PM
    Last: 3yr
    JessicaW Wrote:

    Help! The "get my payment" said my check was being mailed on April 24th. I know 2 other people that it said the same thing they got theres 3 days later. & I actally helped a friend file hers on the non-filer tool weeks after I did mine & the portal said hers will b mailed May 1st. She got hers 3 days later. WHERE IS MY CHECK?! IS IT LOST? ITS BEEN 2 WEEKS. && my address is correct. The address I put in "get my payment" is where it goes right? Can I file a lost checkThumbs Up

  • May 08, 2020 03:42 AM
    Last: 3yr
    Sally AJ Wrote:

    So now I'm reading of u receive SSI or VA benefits you will get it in Mid -May.

    Which is it?? Beginning or mid??? I've been reading up on this and found out that they should give ppl a check first If they are poor. Like really poor. I only have an income of under 12,000. And it's my husband and myself. Next payment if there is one... I'm thinking they should give SSI... SSDI... Retirement..and all other REcipients should get it first. We get a deposit or check every month therefore the Adm. Has our correct info. Why make it so hard and difficult just to get a lil 1200.00 check.