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  • May 19, 2020 03:07 AM
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    Here's my story IF SOME of you non simpathetic want to say I'm whing well waaaa.

    My kid 34, his mom passed. grandma sued for custir on the ground I wasnt the father in one county then turned around said I abandon and needed means of support in not one county but three county's I paid a lot of money didn't any visa tat ion if he's to get the money that fine ,I go without because like every one that suppose to soc displ not go and spead or interact basic not work no money no food,. but he's not going to get the money.... so punish me so more never mind the 10000 hours in jail that I was made to do guess I'll go sign up for food stamps ,can't do that there closed. tring to my me a criminal I guess..this is bulls__t to be singled out when I'm suffering just like every one else...who is in need at least the government doing something ,even if it's not for me ...so all all in all the government f___k ed me again at least they could have bought me dinner and some toilet paper.