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  • May 15, 2020 06:08 PM
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    I am on SSI, SS changed my disability status when I turned 67. IRS.gov sites CLAIM SSI low income who receive e SSA FORM 1099. Do not have to do anything alleging we will receive the $1200.00 Stimulas ck. In my case by direct deposite. Early to mid May. Well it is now mid May. I am REALLY depending on the funds. I heard yesterday that The U.S. Treasury department who was put in control of administration of allocating Stimulas funds to SSI, SSD, Railroad Retirement BENIFITS have been sending Stimulas checks to deceased people. It is NO WONDER there are so many of us poor people who have yet to receive what was promised. Check that info out for yourself FOX NEWS displayed a banner stating this absurd news. Checks were sent via mail. On envelope in plane sight deceased typed by persons name.

    As of this morning I am as broke as yesterday. I hope tommorow I will have received funds.

    I also understand that another ???? $ Is to come. Anyone else as SCEPTICAL ABOUT THAT as I am?