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  • May 13, 2020 10:00 PM
    Last: 3yr
    I'm so confused about why someone that is over the age 17yrs old (referring to myself) that was claimed as a dependent on the person's 2019 taxes who supported me for 2019 only got an extra $500 back on his taxes, but everyone is saying that bc he filed me as a dependent on his 2019 taxes that I'm not eligible for a Stimulus check now. WHY??? I filled my own taxes in 2018 and don't understand why I wouldn't get a check when I fall under every category that says your eligible to get a check. Especially when I found out the person that claimed me as a dependent on his 2019 taxes won't receive a Stimulus check for me either. PLEASE explain this to me bc I should DEFINITELY get a check since I did everything they are saying u had to do to qualify for a Stimulus check in 2018. The really bad thing is that my 2018 taxes doesn't have my correct address& I didn't file for direct deposit, but the way it's looking is that the person who claimed me as a dependent in 2019 nor myself is even going to get a check. ONE MORE IMPORTANT THING IS WHEN I GO TO CHECK THE STATUS OF MY STIMULUS CHECK IT SAYS MY CHECK IS SCHEDULED TO BE MAILED OUT ON MAY 1ST. BUT SHOULDN'T IT SAY SOMETHING ELSE IF I'M NOT ELIGIBLE & NOT RECEIVING A CHECK??? I was really counting on this check so I could find a place to live😒😬😭😞