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  • Apr 25, 2020 01:15 PM
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    I updated my bank account info back around April 10th or so. Started checking the Get My Payment site almost daily and it said I was eligible for the payment and a date would be given once it was processed and it showed the last four of my bank info just as I had put it in. Then around 2-3 weeks ago the message stayed the same but the last four digits changed to the last four digits of my social security number. I have no children, other than the ones that live with my wife and I so I’ve never had to pay child support so I have no idea what’s going on. It says you should have a payment date the week following the date you input your bank info and that’s been done for over 6 weeks now. Any suggestions or information that will maybe ease my mind on this? Also, my taxes were electronically submitted and accepted on March 30th and is still being processed. I’m wondering if that’s the kicker to it all? Doesn’t really make sense but it’s all I can think of that would be what’s happening. With 3 kids and work extremely show due to the Covid-19 issues I could have used the $3900 check weeks ago so any help would definitely be appreciated. Thanks in advance