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  • Apr 24, 2020 04:37 PM
    Last: 8d

    I live in Florida, I am a Realtor (Independent Contractor) and applied back in early April for Unemployment via the state's UI which is the process in our state. After about a few weeks, I was deemed ineligible (expected because I don't qualify for Florida's unemployment as a contract employee, however, this is were the drama begins...

    After I was deemed ineligible, first odd thing is my claimant number was changed, and when I log in to "apply for PUA" I can only make it about 5 pages in were is makes me put in my type of employment, am I licensed, ect... then it dumps me to an error page... I got an email Monday telling me to log in an read my notes, ect... did that ... nothing there? I've tried now for over 2 weeks strait to reach a live person at my state's offices, I've emailed the Governor's office with screen shots hoping it would help them with the glitches, I've sent messages on Twitter, FB, emails ect.... NOTHING! I need help and can not get ahold of anybody at Unemployment AT ALL that can help me figure out if it is an error on my end, if the system is glitched, if I need to even apply for the Federal aid (some folks at local offices suspect it will be an automatic forwarding since I was deemed ineligible and now two weeks later, I'm thinking not? Has anybody else ran into this issue in FLORIDA too? Any suggestions? Should I reapply from jump? Try submitting PUA without accurate information and correcting it on the back end? I seriously need help and I am lost on what else to do. I can't even get the stimulus money because IRS is closed and I need my PIN number to access my transcripts..... this is such a nightmare for our family and I'm sure many others..... Just trying to do things right and need HELP!