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  • May 01, 2020 09:12 AM
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    April hedgspeth Wrote: Hi everyone. So I submitted the non-filers claim on 4/16 and received an email shortly after staying that it was approved by the irs.. I entered my bank info as well for direct deposit. I have read on a few other threads that several people had submitted their non-filers claim on the same day as me and theirs changed from "payment status not available" to "direct deposit date scheduled for 4/30" and they received it the 29th. I know it gives possible reasons as to why I'm still getting this message but I know for a fact that I am eligible and my I am certain that my identity will be verified. Is anyone else having this issue? Maybe they're just behind on processing them.. I know it would definitely make me feel so much better if i weren't the only one with this issue.. Would brinv back hope that they are just behind. Please help! There are so many that I am hearing this from. A friend filled on the day they started she is still waiting. Then someone else I know did two weeks later and got it within the following week. I guess it doesn’t matter when you did it just depends on who and when they process it. The sad part is you do what they ask and can’t get any info.