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  • Apr 08, 2020 01:07 AM
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    yes I live in the state of Kentucky and I am a self-employed worker I already signed up for the regular UI and got my denial letter but they said that I might be able to get the Pua I received that letter and it says I was eligible for the Pua and they told me that how much that I would get weekly on my state benefits I tried to claim do my bi-weekly claim it wouldn't let me do that and so I did not receive a payment on April 23rd like I was told that I would and filing that should be my biweekly 600 payments should be Sunday today the 26th of April the q site told me that I had to file another claim in which I did you two days ago this is all so confusing to me because if I was already approved then why wasn't my money there or why couldn't I file my claim and now I'm not going to get my $1,200 benefit either and so I'm basically starting all over it said my first check will come on May 6th my account summary never showed anyting but $0 comingdirect deposit on the 8th of April which I did get my first two week payment because it was automatically give into me after that and the first 1200 I got I have not received anything and so I don't understand why I had to file a new claim after I was already eligible and in the system and have the letter to prove it I am in the state of Kentucky I have left multiple messages and sent emails and I have tried to call and have received a call back but when they called back it just hung up on me it's just so frustrating can you tell me any portal site I can go to in the state of Kentucky well why this happened to me