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  • Jul 05, 2018 04:26 PM
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    Greetings! I find this a fascinating as well as pertinent discussion. I am a 60- year- old US citizen and serve as a missionary here in The Philippines. I was wondering--since hitting the six decade mark in March-- what the earliest possible age is to begin receiving even the bare minimum amount(whatever that is).The cost of living is much cheaper here,of course.The US Dollar goes far here.One USD is about 50 pesos.For that reason,it may not be such a bad idea to collect early.In the old days the minimum age was 65. I am a bit out of touch now,but in looking at the entries which precede mine it seems that the retirement age is now 70. Is that correct? Is sixty-too young to initiate the process? I think it was 62 before. I only found this website and registered today.It is a big help.This is very timely.Good forums and information. Thank you for any advice!