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  • Apr 17, 2017 04:03 PM
    Last: 1yr
    I made the mistake of waiting a few years before contributing to the 401k plan offered to my company and now I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to work years longer than I originally anticipated.
  • Sep 19, 2016 02:18 PM
    Last: 2yr
    bryce28 Wrote: Also, can't help myself.. I want to see Trump and Clinton go at it, for purely entertainment reasons. Very Happy
    That's what worries me about the 24/7 "news" cycle now though. Presidential politics has moved away from actual policy debate and discussion and into a circus where the loudest voice in the room wins.
  • Sep 24, 2016 05:01 PM
    Last: 2yr
    J.K.Logic Wrote: I need to think on this. But I am curious --- What would you ask Trump and/or Clinton, if you could ask a question during the debate?

    I'm far more curious to see how the debate moderator and general press question and judge Donald Trump. Will he get off the hook for saying anything he wants regardless of the facts or will he actually be held accountable if he starts speaking non truths?

    I understand the moderator likely won't fact-check Trump, but I do hope the media doesn't give him a free pass and judge him the winner just because he was able to stand up there for 90 minutes.

  • Jul 25, 2016 03:06 PM
    Last: 2yr
    I'm looking forward to Mr. Sanders speech tonight. My home state is very likely going for Trump, but I hope that he is able to reach his supporters who are on the fence in the swing states and convince them that Clinton is a heck of a lot better than Trump.