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  • Mar 29, 2020 03:00 PM
    Last: 6d
    Thanks for posting. I'm sure this could be a great relief for those who have been laid off or furloughed due to the COVID-19 virus. I can see where this could save someone in a true financial emergency. At least the idea will offer peace of mind to those who are worried and have a 401(k). Just the idea of having a possible emergency fallback can help with pressure and stress, at the very least.
  • Mar 26, 2020 04:06 PM
    Last: 9d
    J.K.Logic Wrote:

    Luckily the stimulus will help this program. Is there any word on if SNAP benefits will increase in any states, or is this new money just going to states in anticipation of greatly increased demand for the program?

    I looked at a couple of articles, and it seems like many states are speaking the same language. Texas, North Carolina, and Missouri, just to name a few, are already asking the government to expand their SNAP benefits either by eligibility, length of time, or by increasing the variety of food products that can be purchased.
  • Mar 27, 2020 08:12 PM
    Last: 9d
    PentagonWall Wrote:

    On the flipside of that, I think they should have made it for the entire student loan program. I'm not sure of all the details in that area, though it doesn't seem impossible to do considering everything else that is going on right now.

    I totally agree. I wouldn't be surprised to see something else like this come down the pipe line, depending on how much longer this will go on for, and how intense it gets. The banks are going to want to go after these debts, especially if they take a hit or two while the economy teeters on recession.
  • Mar 20, 2020 03:16 PM
    Last: 12d
    Donald H PullmanJr Wrote: how do I sing up for unemployment

    Check this guide out. It covers everything you need, and it provides you a link that will take you directly to your state's application page.

    Filing for Unemployment Guide

  • Mar 17, 2020 06:29 PM
    Last: 6d
    Wow, this is big news. I wonder what the requirements and eligibility will be. I'm no too familiar with the breakdown of stimulus money to individuals, but I've seen how it works in the corporate sector. Also, I saw just last night that many airlines have been reducing their flights by sizable percentages. Delta said that they believe theirs will decrease by almost 50% in the next few months. They were also talking about possibly asking the government for a bail out if it gets that bad.
  • Feb 26, 2020 04:41 PM
    Last: 27d

    The Coronavirus continues to spread throughout the world. The World Health Organization has declared the outbreak to be a public health emergency of international concern. Many health organizations are still trying to figure out what makes this virus tick. As the number of confirmed cases continue to rise in the U.S., more people are understandably panicking in more ways than one.

    For instance, the spread of the coronavirus has rattled many investors who are scared that new outbreaks will push down global demand. The Dow Jones industrial average saw its worst two day slump in four years. Similarly, the S&P 500 had its worst on day slide in two years. Tesla shares took a tumble after a market sell-off that was driven by concerned investors. Why, you ask? Tesla recently opened a Shanghai car plant and is also heavily reliant on Chinese suppliers to make its cars, China is where the virus originated.

    Also, Amazon has had to warn third party sellers against price gouging face masks. Some sellers for instance are jacking up the prices three to four times the original cost. Needless to say, 3M began ramping up respirator production to support coronavirus relief. The CDC is ramping up their efforts to fight the virus by implementing health screenings in airports that receive flights from China.

    CDC's Plan Breakdown:

    • Establishing a 2019-nCoV Incident Management System on Jan. 7 and activating its Emergency Operations Center on Jan. 21 to provide ongoing support.
    • On Feb. 3, posting guidanceTrusted Source for assessing the potential risk of various exposures to the novel coronavirus and appropriately managing those people.
    • Developing a real-time reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction (rRT-PCR) test that can diagnose coronavirus in respiratory and serum samples from patients.

    Is this worse than the big Ebola scare we had years ago? Experts say the severity of this outbreak may be underestimated. Yet, like with most subjects in public opinion, the issue has been polarizing to say the least.

    “It is unlikely that 2019-nCoV will become a potentially life threatening public health issue in the United States. As this is a novel virus, we need to continue to monitor and assess the situation as it evolves on a daily basis,” Supriya Narasimhan, MD, infectious disease specialist with Santa Clara Valley Medical Center, told Healthline.

    It goes without saying that it already has had a rippling effect on the U.S. population in more ways than one, and it will more than likely continue to do so. Who thinks this is being blown out of proportion in the U.S. ? What other ways might this impact Americans?

  • Jun 16, 2019 05:00 PM
    Last: 4mo

    Here's a quick skinny on the step by step process for applying. It's pretty simple and straightforward, especially after you create a "My Social Security" account, which is also very simple.

    Applying Online:
    1. Got to www.ssa.gov/benefits/retirement
    2. Click the “Apply for Retirement Benefits” Button. It will then take you to a page where it asks you to check the box below if you understand the above statements. Click the box and then click “Next”.
    3. The next page will ask you to create or sign into your “My Social Security” account. On this page you have the option to start a New Application or return to a Saved Application and pick up where you left off.
    4. By Clicking “Start New Application” it will take you through a series of screens, asking you questions about yourself, family and your work.
    5. Fill out the online application. If you get stuck on a question, you can skip it and return to it later. Once at the end of the application, you’ll be notified if there were any questions you still need to answer. (If you can’t complete the application in one sitting, you can “Return to a Saved Application” later, without losing the information you entered previously.)
    6. After you’ve completed the application, you’ll be asked to confirm the truthfulness of the answers, and then you will “Sign” the application electronically, by clicking “Submit Now” which will appear on the screen after you’ve finished the application.

  • Jun 19, 2019 08:27 PM
    Last: 4mo
    J.K.Logic Wrote:

    I don't have as much of a handle on Bernie v Biden on foreign policy. That would be the 3rd rail of this conversation. Lemme know if anyone here has a good take on that.

    That's a good question. Did some reading around. They are polar opposites when it comes to foreign policy. Like you said, Biden is left-center on pretty much everything and Bernie is definitely more progressive. Biden does have extensive foreign policy experience. That's one difference, but the major difference Bernie is definitely an anti-interventionist, where as Biden not.

    Biden would be considered a liberal interventionist. He's shown this many times in the past where he's been willing to wage war in the name of human rights and or national security. He drummed up support to bomb the Balkans, supported Afghanistan, and voted for the 2003 Iraq war. On top of that, he publicly supported the bombing of Libya and was all for intensifying drone strikes in Pakistan and Somalia.

    Bernie, however, definitely runs an anti-military intervention platform. He's often criticized the U.S war-making system, and wants to see a sizable reduction in military spending in favor of social spending.

  • Jun 05, 2019 07:08 PM
    Last: 4mo
    True, but I think as long as real logic is applied here, then it could be a good tool for situations like these. Like you were saying, as long as the photo can be linked to an event or a solid date, then it's fair game.
  • Nov 26, 2019 12:25 PM
    Last: 4mo
    I'm not a veteran, but I can see why the changes came. There have been too many instances of unauthorized personnel entering bases, sometimes even with nefarious intentions. On a lighter note, this may actually streamline things for veterans at least in this respect. They have to go through enough troublesome red tape and paperwork as it is.