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  • Mar 28, 2015 03:20 PM
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    Unfortunately I was taken out of work in 2010 for a genetic lung disease. No I never smoked. I do have social security disablity and it sucks....Try living off $722 a month...Trying to find a place to live is even a bigger joke...I have actually been told that I don't make enough for a specific low income housing....WHAT how can you say I don't make enough....I didn't put a limit on what I make and your a gov agency to help people and they tell me there lowest rent is $850....I am 61 yrs young and the only places I can qualify are so called nursing homes, elderly care, 55 or older....I'm not ready to be put in a home but this is what the gov has for me....Of course there is a waiting list of up to 2 years and most of the waiting lists are closed (which means they won't take your application).....I'm forced to live with friends or family or live on the streets......No this is not the plan I had for mself. I can still do my daily chores when I am able, I have me setbacks but hey I'm alive and kicking....I also receive $162 in food stamps, okay that is suppose to feed me nutrious meals for the month..No I rely on frozen dinners or canned.....Well that 's how it is for me.....Stinks