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  • Oct 19, 2015 03:18 PM
    Last: 8yr

    The CPC has held Canadian power for nearly 10 years. The have favored looser environmental regulations in favor of more corporate incentives. PM Harper has also passed laws specifically targeting Islamic beliefs and traditions, such as forbidding a niqab from being worn when swearing an oath of citizenship.

    The CPC has likely had an easy time remaining the party in power in part because of the the two liberal parties that split the voters. But this election is the closest in a long time and many Canadians are looking for change. Get out there and vote

  • Jul 08, 2015 04:53 PM
    Last: 8yr
    That seems awful. I personally don't think healthcare is something that should break you. I feel like medicaid should cover at least 100 days

    Probably not much more than that though. If you need more that three months of home nursing then the problem is likely something that needs more serious, and efficient long term treatment.