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  • Consider implementing these strategies to reduce next year’s tax bill.
  • With tax season in full swing, consumers should be careful about who they choose to prepare their return this year. Don't put yourself in jeopardy.
  • Apr 09 2015
    Having a tax filing meltdown? Help is available
    Montana Revenue Department offers several extended tax prep and filing options.
  • Apr 07 2015
    Tax-time tips for procrastinators
    Knowledge key to getting taxes done on time, without penalty
  • Apr 07 2015
    Tax tips for recent college grads
    Whether you are filling out a simple tax return or have a more complex situation -- check out these tips for first-time filers
  • How to know when it’s better to have someone else handle your taxes.
  • Students from Davenport, Aquinas and Cornerstone colleges are offering free last-minute tax preparation help for low-income households.
  • For these procrastinators, the rush is on. The IRS is offering reminders for these last-minute income tax filers.
  • No matter how simple or complex your tax situation is, these services can help you meet the deadline.
  • Here are 10 important things the American Institute of CPAs recommends that taxpayers know about getting their federal tax return to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) by the Wednesday, April 15 filing deadline and about filing for an extension.
  • Mar 24 2015
    Free ways to file your taxes
    Preparing and filing your taxes is an annual -- and potentially expensive -- ritual that can be a burden, especially if you don't make a lot of money. But there are a few free tax-prep and e-filing options available.
  • More than 43 million federal tax returns have been filed through Free File since 2003.
  • Taxes are one of the few constants in life, but what happens when you change the way you do your return? People move or get divorced, tax preparers pass away. There is always the lure of do-it-yourself - the number of people using tax software to file, like Intuit's TurboTax, increases by 6 percent annually, according to the Internal Revenue Service. And then there is the reverse exodus of people who have decided their financial lives are too complicated, and they need to hire a professional. With so many changes, consistency takes a beating. If you are on the wrong end of it, you could end up drawing the dreaded attention of the IRS. Here are the items that can trip up taxpayers when they switch the way they do their taxes:
  • Feb 22 2015
    Who should do your taxes?
    Your payroll forms and stock records start to arrive in the mail and you begin to swear you'll soon gather up all those receipts. Tax Day looms. Who'll help file your 2014 return? Every U.S. citizen living and working in this country or abroad must determine the federal income taxes he or she owes, as well as taxes owed to individual states or other local authorities. The deadline to pay those taxes for yearly salary earners falls on April 15 of most years, including 2015. If you pay taxes quarterly, you face deadlines in April, June, September and January. Whichever category you find yourself in year to year, you must choose how to file a tax return before the deadline, as well as which filing status you qualify for. Generally, your choices for filing status are:
  • The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has announced the launch of its new online directory of tax professionals. The directory, which was hyped prior to tax season, is intended to assist taxpayers in finding a tax professional for tax season. The directory is searchable by country (for international taxpayers), zip code and last name. You can also search the directory by the following credentials: attorneys, CPAs, enrolled agents and those who have completed the requirements for the voluntary IRS Annual Filing Season Program (AFSP). All of the tax professionals listed in the directory have a valid 2015 Preparer Tax Identification Number (PTIN) as of the date listed on the directory search page (02/04/2015, as of the date of this article).