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  • The special session of the Texas Legislature began with an announcement by Gov. Greg Abbott in June, pushing — among other priorities — property tax reform
  • She has the information and advice on how to Stretch Your Dollar!
  • The era of cheap housing in Dallas-Fort Worth is over. If you don’t believe it, check your 2016 property tax bill. Our Watchdog Dave Lieber is here to help.
  • The Boston City Council is expected to authorize a ballot measure that will ask voters to boost property taxes to fund housing, parks and historic preservation.
  • Homeowners who live in their homes receive a tax break called a homestead exemption. If you're older than 65, you get a bigger tax break.
  • In the United States, households are bound by the law to shell out $2,089 on the average for their homes' property taxes. But which state has the higest and lowest property tax?
  • Hawaii has lowest combined tax burden, and New Hampshire has the highest. Where does your state rank?
  • Apr 08 2015
    A Guide to Understanding Your Property Tax
    Homeowners across the United States pay taxes on their property to support a variety of local public services. Although millions of Americans pay property taxes each year, many misunderstand how their bill is calculated. We at The Appraisal Foundation also find that many people are confused about the difference between a tax assessment and a home appraisal.
  • A report that will come as no surprise to anyone shows that Connecticut has some of the highest tax rates in the nation. The analysis from ranks Connecticut's average real estate tax bill of $3,301 the sixth-highest in the country. Our average vehicle tax bill of $630 is the fifth-highest.
  • Many of these states tend to cluster in one geographic region, where residents are socked with big bills
  • Property taxes long have been the bane of Pennsylvania homeowners, especially seniors. The Legislature, for a generation or more, has wrestled with the issue and again is facing a budget battle in which Gov. Wolf is calling for tax swaps to reduce property taxes. So it seems like a good time to compare our state's burden with other states.
  • The average American household spends $2,089 on real estate property taxes each year. The average in Illinois? Nearly twice that number.
  • Here's a bright spot in the middle of tax season -- at least Californians, on average, don't have to pay as much in property taxes as residents of Vermont, Michigan and New Jersey. With an average tax of $1,431, California came in 17th in a nationwide ranking of property taxes in 2015, according to a report by consumer financial website WalletHub. Hawaii had the cheapest property taxes with an average of $482; New Jersey was most expensive at $3,971, the website said.
  • While Texas has no state income tax and no property tax on vehicles, its residents pay one of the nation's highest rates when it comes to taxes on real estate. According to WalletHub, a personal finance website, Texans this year are paying an average of $3,327 in real estate taxes. It's the fifth highest amount in the United States and 59 percent higher than the average American household's real estate property tax bill of $2,089.
  • New York ranks among the most expensive state for real estate property taxes but is one of 24 states with no vehicle property tax, a new report from WalletHub shows. The average household in New York spends $2,734 on real estate property taxes each year, Highest & Lowest Property Taxes in 2015 shows, ranking the state as the 10th most expensive nationwide. The most expensive real estate taxes are paid by New Jersey residents, who annually shell out an average of $3,971. The least expensive state for property taxes is Hawaii, where the average is $482 annually.
  • A new study by WalletHub found out something all its homeowners know—New York has high property taxes. But it also found something surprising—New York isn’t the worst. It isn’t even in the bottom 10. WalletHub looked at the 50 states plus the District of Columbia, to see who stood where on both real estate property taxes and vehicle property taxes.
  • Here are the 10 states with the highest property taxes based on data compiled by the Tax Foundation.
  • Home price might be the biggest consideration for you when buying a home and choosing where to live, but there's another important number you shouldn't neglect either: property tax rate.
  • As you may know, Florida is a popular destination for retirement because it has no state income tax, but unless you plan on renting all throughout your retirement, you won’t be able to escape paying property taxes. In light of today being Tax Day, I thought I’d take a look at the Florida Counties with the highest and lowest property tax rates. Now keep in mind, property taxes often don’t tell the whole story about how expensive or inexpensive an area will be to live in.
  • Mayor Rahm Emanuel, locked in a tight election campaign, is rolling out a plan to boost job creation in some depressed neighborhoods by waiving all state and local taxes on businesses and taking other unusual steps to lure employers. The so-called Right to Thrive zones—a pumped-up version of the Enterprise Zones of recent decades—would feature no property, income or sales taxes on businesses that open in these areas for an unspecified time "as long as they create jobs in the surrounding neighborhood," Emanuel says in an op-ed article written for the Chicago Tribune.