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Online Streaming and Viewing Options for the First GOP Debate

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    The 2016 Presidential election starts in earnest tonight with the first GOP Presidential debate set to take place in a matter of hours. The top ten polling candidates will be participating in the main debate and the seven candidates who didn't make the cut will be participating in a "happy hour" debate set to take place before the main event.

    Fox News is hosting both of the debates and you can watch it live on your television if Fox News is included in your cable package.

    If Fox News is not included in your cable package then you can stream the debate live on You can also stream it on your mobile device if you download the Fox News app. Both of these do require you to have a cable internet subscription in order to log in, so if you do not have a cable subscription then these two options are not for you.

    If Fox News isn't a part of your cable television package and you don't have cable internet then you will have to get a little more creative. You could go to a local restaurant or pub that has televisions and ask them to turn the debate on or you could call up a friend who does have Fox News and see if they are planning on watching it.

    These are the only options I've been able to find for you to watch the debate. If anyone knows of another way then please chime in and let us all know. If not then enjoy the debate tonight!

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    Looks like you can get clips from the debate throughout the night from or Fox New's Youtube page, if you don't have the cable credentials.

    Fox News Radio will also be broadcasting the debate. So if you have Sirius XM or if your local radio stations air Fox programming, its worth checking out if you will be driving during 9-11pm EST. They will also be doing pre and post shows about the debate as well.

    Also, Fox News will have the debate in full on their website Friday morning.

    Lastly, which is pretty cool, since Facebook is co-sponsoring this debate, online audiences can chat live with the hosts, starting at 5pm EST.

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    Will definitely be tuning in. Got the popcorn all ready for whatever glorious thing Donald Trump has to say. This should be quite entertaining, if nothing else!
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    Found a site that is streaming :