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Biden's 'American Jobs Plan'

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    The headline grabber is the $2 trillion price tag for an eight-year plan dubbed 'American Jobs Plan' that the Biden administration will try and pass through Congress. How much of it stays in tact and will it pass is something we will just have to wait and see on.

    But the plan includes lots of forward-looking funding for infrastructure changes to roads and the power grid, geared toward making America more and more electric car friendly in the near future.

    There's lots of stuff in this bill proposal but I certainly haven't read it, just what's been posted online in a few articles. What's everyone's take on this bill? I mean it's massive and we need infrastructure funding in a big way, so is this a winner or is it too broad? Seems like they will be funding it by taxing corporations and not raising taxes on individuals so if that's true, that's good.

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    This type of legislation is badly needed, especially if we don't want to fall even further behind in the race to modernize our country for the technological era. I really like how the plan not only calls for tangential things like bridges and roads, but also includes a proposal to ensure every American has reliable access to high speed internet regardless of where they live.

    I'd be pretty surprised if it passed in its current form, but it does seem like a well thought out plan that should be seriously considered.

    We can't keep the status quo of patchwork fixes to our aging infrastructure. It's time to go big.