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Paycheck Protection loans extended to May

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    Really glad to hear this. The Senate voted this week to extend the Paycheck Protection Program for another two months for small businesses. So it isn't March 31st anymore, instead it will be May 31st. It was a 92 to 7 to pass the PPP Extension Act of 2021. Small businesses will also get an additional 30 day extension on top of that to process pending applications. It's supposed to be signed through by Biden this week. I'm really glad this is going through. I know a few small business owners myself, and I'm sure this takes some of the pressure and burden off of their shoulders when it comes to paying their employees.
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    It's great to see this, but I personally don't like that they keep having these super short-term extensions. I'd much rather see this program extended through the summer (when things most likely will be back to some sense of normalcy) and not keep making these small business owners come back asking for assistance every 1-2 months. This is certainly better than nothing, but that's just my two cents.