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vaccines availability for all adults

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    Biden put the goal out there for every state to be offering vaccines to every adult 18 or older by May 1st. And now it looks like pretty much every state is on pace to meet or exceed that target. Here in Texas we all get to register starting March 29th. And I've seen a ton of other states following suit aiming for the first week or two of April.

    This is great news and means we are really close to all adults (that want it) getting vaccinated! Be sure and check on your state and let's get this nightmare over and done with already!

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    Yep. I remember when he said 100 million in a hundred days a bunch of people said he couldn't do it. I think they may have said that with the how the situation had been going so far though. I'm happy that he was not only able to pull it off, but far exceed his original numbers.