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How FEMA handled 2020 and all it's disasters

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    202o brought on a ton of little fires everywhere. Not only did we have the on big issue that affected every single person in the world, but we also had devastating hurricanes, earthquakes, tornados and all the other usual suspects that FEMA usually plays a big hand in. But now that we're coming to a point where FEMA is actually beginning to close some of it's vaccination sites due to the state finally having the materials and knowhow to take care of the situation, it makes me wonder how FEMA as an organization held up to the constant barrage. I wonder how it's been handled from their point of view. It's crazy to think about how an organization like that has a totally different view of everything that happened last year than just the average person. I guess I don't really have a question here, just more of a thought that I wanted to share.

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    They are certainly one of the govt agencies that gets no love for doing the right thing and only hate for screwing up or falling short. They are kinda in a lose/lose situation as far as media perception goes from what I can tell.