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It's strange that vaccine distribution isn't federally controlled

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    This entire situation over the fast 5 months or so has been really strange to me. I know that the situation is unprecedented and that everyone everywhere was extremely underprepared for such events but that doesn't account for some of the things that have happened throughout it. For instance, one thing I'm still really confused about is vaccine distribution. Why has it been up to the states the entire time? I get it that the previous admin didn't handle the situation the best, but is that really the only reason why the government hasn't stepped in to make sure the states handle it appropriately? If the government had stepped in months ago with a solid plan that was handed down to the states then I don't think we'd be in this situation. I'm surprised it has been handled more on a federal level. This is disaster relief 101, I'd think.
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    While it can be frustrating, the national govt isn't in charge of everything, I think that's a good thing. I don't like the way some states have handled things, that's for sure. And it would be nice if the federal govt had a perfect plan that every state employed from day 1. But I would rather states have the autonomy they have now over every state having to 100% take orders from DC.
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    We certainly have a strange system of governance, but then again it's what we have for now. One logistical hurdle is just the sheer magnitude of our country. Sure, we're not the most populous country in the world, but 330+ million people is still a heck of a lot of people.

    For the most part I'm ok with the vaccine rollout. The most frustrating thing for me is the waiting, but I know my turn will eventually come.