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we need a better DMV system

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    The DMV system in the U.S. has gotten way out of hand. I have to say though that it does feel like it's gotten better over the past 10 years or so. But I wouldn't mistake that as something the government or state has put the effort into. I think it's been a natural occurrence since upscaling and refurbishing and whatnot just sort of happen over time. Then again, I'm not really talking about the furniture, or lack thereof inside the DMV, but the system entirely. Everything is dated and impossibly difficult to find your way though. If you're missing one document in a stack of 20 then you have to come back on a different day to stand in line for another 4 hours to do it all again.

    I think the DMV system is important enough to get a major overhaul. I wonder if Pete Buttigieg being the new U.S. Transportation Secretary will do anything about this. I think that would fall under that role.

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    Yeah I think Pete should play a big role in this. What needs to happen is to move much more of the process online. Make everything as digital as possible.