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Raising the minimum wage to $15/hr

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    Simple proposition, should we raise the national minimum wage to $15/hr? I have listened to countless hours of economists and politicians talk about this, on both sides. And where I always seem to land is either the minimum wage needs to afford you non-poverty wages and be continuously adjusted to inflation OR it needs to be abolished.

    I know I know, the two extremes. But I don't like the half measure approach we currently have. Either make it respectable or do away with it and let the free market set it itself. What say you? I'm ready to be convinced either way and think it's far more likely to be raised than ever done away with, so while maybe $15/hr is too high, it's much closer to what it should be vs $7.25.

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    Yes. There's really no good reason not to. This would almost account for the inflation since the last time there was a larger spike wages. This would be a really great thing to see happen.