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A novel idea: the IRS could automate Tax Day

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    Just watched this Vox video, and it really got me thinking. As this is Tax Day, thought I would bring up this 'crazy' idea and see what others think of it... What if the IRS automatically filed your taxes for you? And then if there were any problems or changes needed, then you could have the option to amend accordingly. What do you think of that idea? I'm sure there are several reasons why this might not be ideal, but this idea is quite intriguing to me:

    They make the point that it could save not only stress and time, but billions of dollars spent every year through tax filing services. It's been may thinking for a looooong time that tax filing services are a cottage industry, and I wish so many (including myself) didn't have to have such a complicated process to file that we fill the need to actually pay someone to file forms for us to send to the government over what we paid in taxes. Seems like a bit of a double whammy, am I right?
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    I think this is a great idea. I recently read that a lot of European countries do taxes that way and there doesn't seem to be many problems with it at all. So many people fill out the EZ form and just think if those millions of people could just have their taxes done for them. I think it would be more difficult for private contractors and individuals who are claiming a lot of deductions, but I think it's a great idea for the many Americans who don't.
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    Would also like to see this happen. I've mentioned before that I think some version of a flat tax could work as well. And I know I got a few to disagree with me (for likely good reasons, no doubt) I do think our tax system in general could be more streamlined. I got to think it can be made easier. It really worries me how complicated it is. The whole reason I'm for something like this or a flat tax is to make things more straight forward, and less corruptible. For the simpler it is, the less likely it will be for workarounds and evasion.