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Get the vaccine to boost the economy

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    I'm still a little confused when people push back on the idea that the vaccine isn't the only path forward to reopening everything back up and a flourishing economy. I just can't see it any other way. The way I see it, the more people that get the vaccine means the more people out purchasing things, going to restaurants, going to movie theaters, buying gas for their cars, vacationing, etc, etc.

    There's just no other way around it. As of right now we have a decent amount of the population vaccinated, but it won't really make a big difference until we have 50% - 75% vaccinated. That's when things will be getting back to more of a normalcy. I feel like it's quickly approaching, but it honestly can't come fast enough. What it all boils down to is the faster everyone gets vaccinated, the faster the economy is going to spring back up to a new high.

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    Agreed. Biden is pushing for a July 'back to normal' date, solely based on the country's ability to have enough people vaccinated that you could argue we would be at 'herd immunity'.

    Without shots, that simply wouldn't be possible. And I haven't heard of any other convincing paths forward.

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    Agreed, this is exactly how we were able to eradicate polio and other diseases. We all must row together in order to get out of this. Getting Americans to do anything together now a days is like herding cats.