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Additional $400/week for unemployed in 3rd stimulus bill

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    The 3rd stimulus bill working its way through Congress doesn't just contain another stimulus check for the vast majority of Americans.

    While these checks are certainly helpful and welcome for many Americans, expanded weekly unemployment benefits have been a lifeline for individuals and families during these challenging times. Thankfully, this stimulus bill will ensure the additional weekly unemployment benefits will continue at least through August 29, 2021. Not just that, but the weekly benefit will increase from $300 to $400.

    I personally think this is far more important than individual stimulus checks because it will provide people out of work for no fault of their own some sense of financial stability during these difficult days. This additional weekly check will help ensure the rent/mortgage is paid, water and heat stay on, and food stays on the table.

    Let's just hope that we can get this across the finish line before anyone experiences a lapse in their benefits in the coming days.

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    This was changed back to $300/week after negotiations in the Senate, but for a week longer than agreed to in the House. Now benefits will last until September 6, 2021.

    I was disappointed to see the amount lowered, but an additional $300/week for people who are unemployed for no fault of their own is better than only having traditional unemployment insurance as a safety net.

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    It is funny how everyone focuses so much on stimulus checks when the real help for those most in need is in fact with the unemployment benefits. An additional $1200 a month on top of normal unemployment is thousands of dollars of help over several months vs a one off, up to $1400 check.

    $1200 per month from now until end of Aug is conservatively at least $6000 on top of normal benefits, if you qualify the entire time. Of course you do have to pay taxes on that but still its way more than a one off check.