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Biden pushes for more electric vehicles in federal fleet

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    In 2019, the federal government had 645,000 vehicles in operation, and now Biden wants to replace all of them with all-electric models produced in the united states. This would not only address his agenda on climate change, but also the same with manufacturing. However this may might hurt funding for infrastructure. One key element to his agenda on climate change is to eventually get every American motorist to switch from gas powered to battery powered vehicles. But this could put a strain on the shrinking federal Highway Trust Fund that is used to maintain roads and bridges. The fund is largely dependent on gas taxes, which hasn't increased in almost 30 years.

    I'm totally for getting more electric vehicles on the road (especially those in the federal government's fleet), but a balance is going to have to be found here, even though it won't just happen overnight.

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    This is a really great move. It shows that Biden is serious about his plans. I just hope that he continues on this path and creates a plan (if he doesn't already have one) that pushes the U.S. more in the direction of renewable energy. We have most everything we need to implement this. Let's get it done.
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    So true. We do. Would be cool to see a president one day helping citizens obtain solar panels for their houses as well. I'm sure the energy companies would have something to say about that though. :)