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House Formally Delivers Impeachment Article to Senate

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    The House of Representatives formally delivered one Article of Impeachment against former President Donald Trump to the Senate, setting in motion what will be the first ever impeachment trial against a former President. The House impeached Trump for "incitement of insurrection" after rioters stormed the U.S. Capitol in our nations first ever insurrection attempt.

    The Senate has indicated they will continue their usual business until mid-February and hold the trial then.

    Trump's impeachment trial will be unprecedented for two reasons: no President has ever been impeached twice and no President has ever had an impeachment trial after leaving office.

    While it's incredible unlikely that seventeen Republicans will vote to convict Donald Trump, it is still slightly possible. I'd be shocked if more than a handful do, but I long ago stopped predicting anything political after these past four years.

    What do you think the odds of Trump's conviction in the Senate are? My guess is no more than five Republicans will vote to convict.

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    Unprecedented indeed. I think there is a decent chance more than a handful will vote to convict Trump. Seems as though after the capital riot, the Republican party has been distancing itself from Trump's image, more than likely to not only save face, but in preparation for the next presidential election.
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    I just can't see how anything other than a conviction is smart for the Republicans here. If they convict him they can move on from what he's created and he won't be able to hold the party hostage for the next 4 years. If they don't, they'll be losing any hope of running for President in 2024. Unless of course, Trump comes out to support a given candidate and hands them his base. I suppose that's possible.

    Either way, it's clear cut what happened. They should convict him in the Senate.