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Best Patriotic Super Bowl Ads Ever?

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    Some of the my favorite Super Bowl Ads are the ones that remind me that, as an American, I'm part of a wonderful (though certainly not always perfect) experiment of self governance. They typically aren't the ones everyone is talking about the day after the big game, but patriotic Super Bowl ads are the ones that tend to tug at my heartstrings the most.

    One of my favorite ads was Jeep's 2016 "Portraits" ad that showed images of important Americans throughout our history in rapid succession.

    My favorite light hearted one was when Bud Light tapped Seth Rogen and Amy Schumer to run for office as members of the "Bud Light Party," which simply wanted to unify America. It was pretty funny, but I also think they were subtly trying to remind us that "we're all in this together."

    I'm interested to see what other peoples favorite patriotic themed Super Bowl ads are. They can be serious, silly, somber, or heartwarming. That's what makes them great.

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    Good choices. I like the Nick Offerman NASCAR one the most. Big fan of his, and its patriotic while also poking fun. Well made as well.
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    Patriotic Super Bowl ads are some of my favorite ones. I like the high production value certain companies put into them. I'm hoping for some good ones this year.