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List of Pharmacies Where You Can Get the Vaccine

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    Looks like most every major pharmacy in the US is on board with administering vaccinations for the virus, once they become available to the general public. You have CVS and Walgreens of course but I wanted to share the full list so far, plus some resources for everyone to follow up with in case you were wondering where you should be planning on going when the time arrives.

    Here's some the pharmacies and supercenters with plans to have vaccines once ready for everyone:

    Rite Aid

    Definitely respond with more to this list if you find any other major pharmacies on board. And any other resources.

    Speaking of -- This is a platform that helps people find vaccine providers in their communities. The site requires providers to report the number of vaccines they have in inventory daily, so should be great tool to know where best to go, based on local supply.

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    Tom Thumb will have vaccines as well. I wonder if health centers or nurses stations on college campuses will have vaccines as well. Seems like a smart move if you ask me.
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    Primary care physicians will also be able to give the vaccine when it becomes more readily available.

    I also read that many states are allowing dentists to give the vaccine to their patients, as well.