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Vaccine Rollout & When You Can Get It

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    Just a couple months ago the promise was made to get the vaccine in 20 million arms by the end of December 2020. We all knew not to take those numbers too seriously, as the information given up to this point hasn't always been something to bank on. But we now know the real number was somewhere around 3 to 4 million doses were administered during that time. That's a pretty significant difference. Where's FEMA or other organizations used for emergencies? Why isn't there a unanimous effort to get this to absolutely everyone as soon as possible? Getting the vaccine to more people would mean getting things back to somewhat normalcy again, or at least make it much better.

    Even though the vaccine was mostly delivered to where it needed to go, all the resources needed to actually get the vaccine administered on a large scale hasn't been prioritized by those who need to prioritize it to begin with. At least things seem to be slowly working themselves out.

    So when can we realistically plan to get the vaccine? I got an email today saying my local urgent care places were offering it to 75+-year-olds, and that I would be getting steady updates until it was my age group's turn. I'm really curious how long that will take. I'll get it as soon as I can.

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    The Covid-19 vaccine rollout has been sluggish. Here's how we can speed it up

    This is a good read on where we are, and ways it can be better. Their solutions are common sense ones like -- vaccinate on the weekend, open up earlier, stay later, hire more workers, incentivize healthcare workers to get vaccinated, open up age groups if some seniors are reluctant.

    And just in general that they started this process during the holidays and that might be partially responsible for the initial slow roll out. That and its a novel task that you would expect them to get better at as the weeks and months roll on.

    All that said I don't expect to be able to get a vaccine anytime soon. My guess is a few months from now at best. But I really don't know. I know that they are now doing about a half million vaccines a day, and that the vaccines require at least 2 doses. So most idealistically that's 250k people a day x let's say 5 days a week.. that's 1.25 million a week. If you are younger and relatively healthy, imagine you will be in the lowest priority group. In a country of 330mil, that's a lot of weeks to wait.

    Let's hope they ramp up production.

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    They're now talking about the possibility of the Biden Admin splitting up the doses. Basically saying instead of giving everyone the first and second dose weeks later, they want to give that second dose to more people as a first dose. So instead of giving a thousand people their first and second doses, give 200 people their first dose.

    I don't think this is a good idea scientifically speaking. The vaccine is proven to work with 2 doses at certain time periods, not split up even further like that. Though I do think it's a good PR move, that just doesn't help at all.

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    I just checked my county for registering for the vaccine, to join the waiting list. There's no option for me yet. Only healthcare workers, and those 65 and older, or 18 and older with health issues. Does seem like it'll be several months before its ready for any and everyone. Probably for the best. Site just says 'sometime in 2021'.