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Mob Storms Capital Grounds During Certification of Electoral College

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    An unruly and armed mob stormed the Capital building in Washington, D.C. while members of the House and Senate were meeting to certify the results of the Electoral College in the 2020 Presidential Election. At least one person was shot.

    The anarchists stormed the Capital by the hundreds, sending both chambers into lockdown before being evacuated to undisclosed locations by Capital police.

    This needs to be called what it is - an illegitimate coup attempt by anarchists intent on overturning a free and fair election that they handily lost. Period. End of sentence.

    What a sad, sad day for our country.

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    Agreed. Absolutely ridiculous. Yet at the same time, utterly ineffectual as far as results go. It just scares me to think how many people believe the elections was rigged.
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    This was crazy to watch. What's even crazier to me is that it was so easy for it to happen. I have known this exact thing was going to happen, on this exact day, at almost that exact time for almost 2 months now. How were they not prepared for this. Anyone that has even remotely kept up with the situation knew this was going to happen. And what, they dispatch like 30 bicycle police officers to deal with it? It takes almost THREE HOURS to get reinforcements to the area? Are you kidding me?

    As much as I'd like to blame the rioters for busting through the Capital Building (which I most definitely do), this was an epic failure on local law enforcement and anyone else involved with protecting that building. And I've been seeing people say the officers just "happily let them in". I disagree with that notion. There were like 10 officers there holding the line against thousands of people that could roll them over any second. The building had been cleared at that point. It makes sense that they would have gotten the word to just let them through to keep those few officers safe and not get steamrolled. I assume the call was to let them pass and they'd clean it up when reinforcements arrive, which is sort of what happened.... I guess. They just let most of them leave. I can't believe that.. Just let them peacefully walk right out the door.

    On a related note.

    Fox News: "Lets gaslight millions of people for 4 years!"

    Fox News on Jan. 6th 2021: "Can you believe this is happening!?"