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Importance of Georgia's Two Senate Runoff Election Results

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    Which party controls the Senate after the 2020 Elections now all comes down to how the two runoff elections go down in Georgia. Currently the count is 48 Democrats to 50 Republicans in the Senate, with 2 seats up for grabs. If the Democrats can gain both seats its a big deal as any tie vote in the Senate would be broken by VP Kamala Harris. So in essence the Democrats would have majority control of the Senate, to go along with the White House, plus the House of Reps. That would give them all three, and the ability to pass most any legislation that the party wants.

    But it doesn't seem super likely for both Democratic candidates to win in Georgia.

    Incumbent Senator David Perdue is facing off against Democrat Jon Ossoff. And Incumbent Senator Kelly Loeffler is going up against Raphael Warnock. Neither Republican gained the 50% necessary votes in the general election to win the election outright in November, but both Republicans did get the most votes, albeit narrowly. So past performance is on their side.

    What are the chances of either Republican losing their seat? The election takes place January 5th, 2021. And both sides have campaigned hard in Georgia, as each side understands all the many implications of these results.

    Will post results here once announced. Hopefully we will know soon and whatever the results are it should give us a solid understanding of how the first few years of a Biden administration will look like.

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    Democrats swept both races, giving the Democratic Party an effective majority in the Senate with Vice-President elect Harris being able to cast any tie-breaking vote in the next Congress.

    This will have huge implications on the ability of President-elect Biden to pass his legislative priorities because now Senator Mitch McConnell won't be able to block any proposed legislation from reaching the floor. Not just that, but now Democrats will be in charge of every Congressional committee, which is where all major pieces of legislation are debated and written.

    Perhaps most importantly, Democrats will now be able to fill any judicial vacancy that comes up during Joe Biden's first two years as President. That alone is something that will have ramifications long past the President-elects tenure.

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    Warnock and Ossoff won for sure: