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2nd Stimulus Check on the Way Soon

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    After months of on again, off again negotiations, Congressional leaders have finally reached an agreement to send out an additional round of stimulus checks to most Americans. The 2nd stimulus check will be $600 for most Americans and will follow the same income model as the first round of checks. Qualified dependents will also be eligible for an additional $600 each.

    While I'm happy that Congress has finally reached a deal, I personally think that $600 is a woefully inadequate amount of money and doesn't come close to meeting the needs of millions of people who are struggling for no fault of their own. But I guess some money, even if it's much lower than I'd like to see, is better than nothing at all.

    What do you think about the deal? Are you glad Congress finally came together to send out a 2nd stimulus check or are you disappointed?

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    Some money is better than nothing for many of those who are suffering. At least it will help with bills. I'm mostly disappointed in now long it has taken them to even come to some sort of agreement while people are struggling out there.
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    I think it's great that a deal was finally reached. But I also think it's extremely disappointing that the amount is so low.

    The country now has an insane amount more of people that desperately need this money, so let's cut it by half and spend 8 months arguing with each other before getting it to them. This makes me incredibly disappointed in the process. So long to the idea of showing up and coming together when it matters..

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    We finally know how the checks will be calculated.

    The checks will be $600 for more Americans, with an additional $600 per eligible dependent. Individual filers making up to $75,000 would be eligible for the entire $600, but that number decreases the more money you make, phasing out entirely at $99,001. The numbers are doubled for couples filing jointly. Heads of household who make up to $112,500 will get the full amount, which is phased out at $136,501.

    Basically everything is the same as the first stimulus check, but it's just cut in half. The only difference is qualifying dependent children will get $600 instead of $500 each. However, a qualified dependent must be under 17, which is the same as the first round of stimulus checks.

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    Are they going to deposit on the direct express cards same as the 1st one was deposited ?