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Odds of Trump Administration Overturning Election Results

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    It's settled. Joe Biden has become President Elect after the most tense U.S. election in history. It's kind of hard to put it into words what this specific election meant for the foreseeable future. And even though it's standard procedure for the vote count to take a while to come in and for states to be called, this one takes the cake for giving a truly insane amount of people a week like panic attack. More people voted in this election than any in U.S. history and I feel like every single one of us had the same crazy anxious feelings until all the states were called. And now that it's over, I unfortunately still have an anxious feeling.

    This bring me to my question. I'm no expert but am pretty knowledgeable about how elections/recounts/electors, etc work. I'm also one that likes to research and get as much info as I can before making any assumptions about a topic, especially one as difficult as this. And as far as I can tell and from everything I've seen, it truly looks like there's almost an absolute zero chance the Trump Administration can overturn the election in their favor. Whether it be with recounts, electorals, or the Supreme Court, it just seems impossible no matter how I look at it. Am I correct thinking this way?

    I guess the main reason I'm still slightly thinking about it like this is that I just can't trust that the current administration to play by the rules. This leaves the door cracked open for things we don't expect. But again, I'm no expert so I'm trying to understand if it's at all possible for this to happen.

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    I was looking all over to find legitimate ways Trump could challenge the election results, and came up short. There's speculation and cries of fraud, but nothing substantial enough to change anything, that I can see. Seems the states are all in agreement of that too, as they are turning down lawsuits and moving on with certifying results.
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    I don't think there's any scenario where the election result is overturned, but what's so dangerous about President Trump's behavior since the election was called for Joe Biden is his ability to get tens of millions of people to believe that the election was rigged against him. That fundamental trampling of democratic norms has the potential to have a lasting impact.

    If half the country thinks that the only way they can lose is if an election was stolen then we are in a very dangerous place as a country.