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Harris and Pence Vice Presidential Debate

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    Senator Harris and Vice President Pence will face off in Salt Lake City for their first and only debate on Wednesday, October 7. The debate was already expected to be one of the most important Vice Presidential debates in history, but now takes on an even greater importance after the hospitalization of Donald Trump due to complications from COVID-19.

    Vice Presidential debates are typically a "check the box" affair during a normal election cycle, but it's entirely possible that either of the two people on that stage could become our next President if something were to happen to their boss. Both Joe Biden and Donald Trump are well into their 70's and, if Trump's recent hospitalization hasn't already made it abundantly clear, anything can happen when someone of that age falls ill. That alone makes this Vice Presidential debate one of the most consequential in history because we very well may be watching a future President on that stage.

    I certainly expect their to be far fewer fireworks than we witnessed during the first debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump, but I wouldn't be surprised if it still gets somewhat heated.

    One thing Kamala Harris has going for her is that she has a lot of recent practice with debates after participating in a number of them in the Democratic primary. I wouldn't count Pence down and out though. He is a savvy politician who, unlike his boss, knows how to stick to his talking points.

    Who's planning on watching the debate between Harris and Pence? If you are, what do you hope to see the candidates discuss?

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    I'll be watching. And I do expect for it to be much more in line with what we have historically been accustomed to with political debates. Shouldn't be anything like the first presidential debate.

    Basically hoping each candidate will explain what they would like to realistically accomplish in that role for the next four years. What agendas they would push, what causes are they planning on championing. That sort of thing.

    And then where do they personally stand on major issues of the day - covid, racism, police, climate change, the economy, taxes, healthcare. I imagine that's more or less what will be talked about, along with defending/attacking the main candidates on policy and/or character.

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    Apparently there will be a plexi-glass divider between Pence and Harris during tonight's debate. Looks like Pence fought that precaution up until the last minute. That will certainly make this debate look different than anything we have seen thus far.
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    The debate certainly lacked the vitriol of the first, but I still found it interesting to watch.

    I was impressed with how Senator Harris conducted herself throughout the debate. She was thoroughly prepared and held her own when the Vice President tried to talk over her during her time, pushing back with "Mr. Vice President, I'm speaking. I'm speaking." I imagine that won her praise from both female and male voters who cringe when a male tries to talk over a female.

    I also can't help but talk about the fly that landed on Pence's head and stayed there for more than two minutes! It's never a good thing for an incumbent when one of the most memorable takeaways from the night is a common housefly.

    All in all, I think it was a much more civil debate than the first one between former Joe Biden and Donald Trump. I personally don't think many minds were changed, which hurts the Trump campaign more than Biden's.