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What are the Best States to Register a Business (LLC) Tax Wise?

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    So I've looked into this and there are a handful of states which are advantageous for incorporating in depending on what type of company you wish to have. I'm curious what everyone thinks as I always thought Delaware was best but researching I have found that Nevada is also popular these days.

    So there are different ways to incorporate and I am leaning towards creating a single member LLC. But there are so many states and so many different corporate structures.

    Any thoughts or advice? I can legally have my business reside in any state so it's just which state makes the most financial sense.
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    I've always heard that Texas was one of the best states to do business in, for their low state taxes and all. Reality and land is also more affordable in Texas than almost any other major state, but it sounds like you don't need a psychical location.

    Other upsides (since I live in Dallas currently), I know they don't have a state income tax, which is good. But they do have some sort of franchise tax, depending upon how you incorporate. It's my understanding though that if you incorporate as an LLC, you will not be charged the franchise tax. But that would be something I would recommend looking into more, as I'm not 100% on that.