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Biden's acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention

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    Joe Biden's speech was the shortest DNC speech since 1984, but it was quite strong and straight to the point. It's probably the most important speech he's ever had to make. I don't think there was a single thing he didn't address. I'd say though that it didn't have the feels that Michelle Obama's did, but it was still good and professional. Thanking Barack Obama in the speech was a nice touch, in my opinion, but the strongest statement hands down has to be when he said "no miracle is coming." I must say it's a relief to hear a speech delivered in such a way.

    Who thinks this is one of the strongest speech at the DNC? Was it better than Michelle's?

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    It was the most important, but not the strongest. At least it didn't resonate the strongest. But he did do better than I thought he would.

    He had an interesting mix of tone in his voice, that I have come to expect from him the last year or so. Where he talks calmly then raises his voice and gets very serious, almost all the sudden. But its not off-putting because it comes across as passionate and sincere instead of threatening or angry. Ultimately I actually really do believe he believes what he says, which really is about all you expect from a leader at this point. Aside from agreeing/not agreeing with political stances.

    But I think sincerity is paramount, and that much was delivered in my opinion. That, and he didn't gaffe. He stumbled very slightly on a few words, but no brain fog moments. And for that I was grateful.

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    I thought it was a good speech. It wasn't anything spectacular and definitely didn't outshine Michelle Obamas' amazing speech, but it was good. It seemed sincere and made his point.