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DNC's Virtual Convention For Joe Biden's Nomination

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    The year 2020 has brought a lot of unique and unprecedented things along with it, with the most recent example being the first ever "virtual" convention of a major political party. Instead of the usual raucous and party-like atmosphere of conventions past, this 2020 Democratic National Convention will feature speakers delivering their speeches from the safety of their home towns which will be broadcast to homes throughout the country. The convention will be broadcast nightly during a two-hour prime time slot from August 17th to the 20th.

    A who's who of speakers including former Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton, former Secretary of State John Kerry, Michelle Obama, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and dozens of other big names are set to deliver speeches which will culminate with Joe Biden's acceptance speech on Thursday, August 20. Biden's yet-to-be-announced running mate will be speaking on Wednesday, August 19.

    I honestly have a feeling this will be an interesting national convention. Since it is broken into two-hour sections each night, the likelihood of attracting a large audience is high. Not just that, but the possibility of an embarrassing "floor fight" between the various factions of the Democratic Party is now a virtual (no pun intended) impossibility. For those two reasons alone, I believe the convention will be largely successful. The only unknown right now is who Biden will pick as his running mate.

    Are you planning on tuning in for the 2020 Democratic National Convention? If so, who are you most excited to watch give their speech? I'm looking forward to hearing former President Obama, Michelle Obama, and the various other rising stars in the party. I'm also anxiously waiting to see who Biden picks and, obviously, to see his speech accepting the nomination on Thursday night.

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    Interested in Obama's and Biden's speeches. Think those are the only ones that really matter here. Obama has a lot of weight to throw around still, and the way he frames this election and his particular brand of endorsement for Biden on this stage (the biggest to date speaking on Biden as the nominee) will be most telling and tone setting. Of course Obama supports Biden, but he can illustrate exactly how and why in a lot of different ways. That's what I am most curious to see.

    And then Biden of course. His speech should be the ultimate tone setter. He needs to get through it strong and make clear points, and avoid gaffes. If he can do that, and Obama does what I expect for him to do, the rest will be just window dressing but otherwise, yeah a success for the Dems going into November.

    Harris being the VP will also be interesting, hearing her speak for the first time on a big stage like that after being announced.

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    Michelle Obama's speech definitely set the tone for the convention. It was wonderful, honest, and inspiring.