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Executive Order Extends Unemployment, Cuts Payout by Half

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    Trump Signs Executive Orders: Extends Unemployment Benefits At $400 Per Week, Protects Against Evictions, Defers Student Loan Payments, Suspends Payroll Tax

    So Trump just signed four executive orders aimed at trying to accomplish some of things that Congress couldn't in their last effort to pass another relief bill.

    One of the orders was to extend enhanced unemployment benefits, where the govt was giving $600/wk in addition to state benefits to those on unemployment. That expired July 31st.

    Now the program appears to be back up and going, but the amount is lowered to $400/wk instead of $600. And in truth, the US govt is only paying 75% of that, and the states are responsible with coming up with the extra $100/wk, on top of their normal payouts. So you can really only call it $300/wk now.

    I honestly don't think many states will be able to afford $100/wk more. We already have massive, record-breaking amounts of people making claims, and states are already really hurting for funding. So seems unrealistic they can in some cases double their weekly payouts, just because Trump orders it.

    But either way, the expanded unemployment seems to be back in effect, which is good news. Its unclear how long it will last but I have seen reporters online cite Dec 6th, 2020. Also the next round of stimulus legislation could in theory change the amount or duration as well, so this could be all just a stop gap until Congress gets their collective act together and passes something officially.

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    I just can't help but think that this is blatantly unconstitutional and destined to be bogged down in court immediately. Congress has the power of the purse strings and President's can't just waive a wand and create law. They also can't force states to spend money.

    My worry is that this is going to get dragged out for weeks or possibly even months before both sides are able to come to a compromise.

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    That's such a cheap move, figuratively and literally. It's a slap in the face to Americans in need. History has shown many times what happens when a people cannot rely on or trust their government to keep them safe. All I'm saying.