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$600-a-Week Unemployment Benefits Expire With No Deal in Sight

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    The additional $600-a-week unemployment benefits Americans have been receiving the past few months is set to expire at the end of the day, with Congress miles apart from striking a deal to reinstate them. That's bad news for the hundreds of thousands - if not millions - of Americans currently receiving the additional weekly support.

    I'm not going to sugarcoat anything here. This is going to hurt everyday Americans no matter their political affiliation or region of the country they live in. This money has helped people unemployed for no fault of their own keep food on the table, pay their rent on time, and continue to have the lights on.

    This lapse will have a lasting impact even if the Congress eventually is able to strike a deal and retroactively deposit whatever funds someone lost during the impasse. That's because rent and many bills are due now. A retroactive payment doesn't help much if a tenant is evicted or if their lights or water are turned off.

    I feel I should offer what I personally think will happen. (To be clear - I am offering my own opinion here). Senators are going to hear from their constituents over the weekend. By early next week it will become nearly impossible for the Senate to continue dragging their feet over this. They may move to do a standalone unemployment extension bill that doesn't include a stimulus check or anything else, which the House will almost certainly reject. Then the Senate will move to pass a bigger relief package that is far less than what the House passed. Another 3-5 days of negotiations with the House will follow before a final package of around $2 trillion is passed.

    All the while, Americans who relied on the additional $600/week to help keep a roof over their head and food on the table will be watching from the sidelines.

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    I have to admit that I'm surprised this wasn't able to be hammered out before the deadline hit. Congress, for all their faults, had previously been able to come together for the greater good. I just hope the adults in the room can come together and work something out because millions of people are depending on them to do just that.
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    Trump Signs Four Executive Orders For Economic Relief - Here Is How They Will Affect You

    One of the four extends expanded unemployment, but lowers the rate. It is now $400/wk, and only $300 of that is provided by the US govt. So states are responsible with covering the other additional $100/wk.

    Said another way, this is really a $300/wk addition to unemployment benefits now, and Trump is telling the states to increase their payouts across the board by $100/wk, which I would not expect for most states to be able to afford that right now.

    Count on $300/wk for now, on top of state benefits. But don't expect that extra $100.

    I can't tell exactly how long the extension lasts, but given that the other 3 executive orders are good until the end of 2020 makes me think this extension is too.