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More Divorcees Should Be Aware Of Innocent Spouse Relief

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    Recently had a friend that was in.. let's say a less than good for them marriage.. file for something called Innocent Spouse Relief, after they got a divorce. After hearing a bit about this program, I thought more people should know about it. Because if you file jointly as a married couple, no matter who the real breadwinner or moneymaker truly is/was in the relationship, the both of you are ultimately on the hook for the tax bill, if and when the time ever comes to collect.

    This can be excruciatingly unfair, if your partner is doing anything illegal/ against the tax code, especially if he/she doesn't disclose the wrongdoings to you either. That's where Innocent Spouse Relief comes in though. If you can rightly argue that you had no idea or way of knowing about your spouse's wrongdoing, the IRS will relieve you of any responsibility, or liability.

    Really something many divorcees should know more about, as a divorce in and of itself does not take tax liability away, even years after the fact.
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    I agree. More people should be aware of this. This is just another tool that is at your disposal in a time that has many, many obstacles. Especially when it comes to the beast, that is taxes.
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    Great information. I couldn't imagine going through the trauma of a divorce only to find that your spouse was doing illegal activity behind your back and that you owe a bunch of money to the IRS. Talk about a double-whammy. It's great that the IRS will work with individuals who didn't know that their spouse was breaking the law.