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People Are Refusing to Wear Face Masks and Causing Problems

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    Over the past couple of weeks I have been having to get out of the house more and more often to run errands and whatnot. And now that business are opening back up and starting to get busy again, I've been noticing a trend of people not wearing face masks.

    I have also seen people wearing face masks, though they pull it down below their nose or down onto their chin while walking through the store. This simply has no effect and you are most definitely not protected at all while wearing a mask this way. If you are going to wear a mask at all, wear it correctly. It takes no extra effort to put the mask on the appropriate way and will not only protect yourself, but others as well.

    I have to say that I understand the confusion and frustration of some. The CDC initially told us that masks won't help. They then said a scarf would be fine. They then said mask help. They then said everyone should be wearing a mask and it's the best thing to do. I assume they initially said masks won't help to not cause hoarders to go out and purchase every mask in sight, but it's still a bit of a sketchy thing to do. Also, I'm of the thought that wearing a mask protects yourself and others, period. With the type of virus it is and how it's transmitted, I just don't understand how one declines to accept that.

    Out of everything I've seen so far, the one thing that bothers me the most is the "Karens" of the world purposely going to stores that require face masks and trying to get in. This obviously forces the employees to say they are not allowed into the store without a face mask and, from what I've seen, offer them one for which they decline. Of course they decline and site a "medical condition" that requires them not to wear a mask. An argument usually ensues while the person records and later uploads it for.... whatever reason. I guess they think they're fighting the system or something? I just don't understand that logic at all.

    Where do you stand on the mask issue? Do you think wearing one should be enforced for the public like some states/counties are now doing?

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    PentagonWall Wrote:

    Where do you stand on the mask issue? Do you think wearing one should be enforced for the public like some states/counties are now doing?

    I think it makes sense to where face masks everywhere where you can't reasonable social distance. That would be inside gas stations, grocery stores, retail stores, restaurants and fast food places, and certain parts of workplaces if your office or business is trying to go back to normal. I think that covers a majority of essential places most people are going right now.

    I will admit to feeling confused and changing my mind a few times on wearing a mask in certain situations, mostly because of the initial double speak from health officials. And then, being in Texas, the relative low numbers in cases compared to other hot spots, (at least until recently). And the fact I don't get out and about that much anyways. So I went back and forth in my head a few times if I needed to not go into XYZ gas station because I forgot my mask at home. That sort of thing.

    I do think enforcement is super tricky nationwide. I don't support fining people for not wearing masks, and I also think its a near impossible task to police people not wearing face masks in all 'necessary' situations, especially when health officials and people in general can't decide 100% on when they should and should not be used.

    One example and question I have - why do children under 10 not have to wear them in certain states? Is there a medical logic to this or is this just accepting that young children won't comply? That's just one example among many of discrepancies states and cities seemingly arbitrarily set.

    I think it makes all the sense in the world for businesses to require workers and customers to all wear masks inside their establishment until social distancing is possible, and to try and enforce this rule at the door. I do support that.

    Lastly, it does appear the spread of COVID-19 is far less an issue outside during the day in general. So if and when I am exercising outside or just going for a walk, as long as I stay at least 6 feet away from others, I do not feel the need to ever wear a mask when outside, or in my car by myself, or of course at home. Some are taking mask wearing to a degree beyond logic.