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Second Stimulus Check Negotiations Ramping Up

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    Talks of a second stimulus check have begun to ramp up in recent days, well over a month after the House of Representatives included another round of stimulus checks in their HEROES Act. While the Senate didn't outright reject another round of stimulus checks, they did reject outright large portions of the $3 trillion bill.

    That's where things have stood for the past month, but recent comments by President Trump and other high-level Republicans appear open the door for new negotiations over a second round of stimulus checks. When asked whether there will be another stimulus package, President Trump was unequivocal, saying "[W]e will be doing another stimulus package. It'll be very good, it'll be very generous."

    While it's true that some of President Trump's advisers and Senate Republicans don't have much interest for a second round of direct checks to the American public, that doesn't mean there won't be one, especially since President Trump all but guaranteed there will be one.

    So, it may take a few weeks of negotiations between Republicans and then some more time for Democrats and Republicans to come to a compromise, but a second round of stimulus checks seems a lot more likely than it did even a week ago.

    Stay tuned.

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    Yeah I'm expecting another round for sure. But I am not so sure it will be checks like last time, with no strings attached. I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if it came in the form of incentives for going back to work. Or a check with stipulations, like you have to spend it on job training or something like that. I just have seen those kinds of proposals from Republicans the last few months floating around.

    Of course it could just be another round of checks, just like last time. How much and who qualifies will be interesting to follow.. can't imagine it will be more than last time but maybe the Republicans will surprise. Who knows.

    I fear expanded unemployment ending July 31st and am worried that won't get extended at all with this next round of stimulus from Congress (which could very well be the final stimulus we see this year). As nice as another one time $1200 check would be for many of us, it's not nearly the help that many have gotten (or are still struggling to try to get) with $600/wk + state benefits from unemployment.

    Any help helps though. Let's hope progress is made, and made soon.

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    I don't understand how they expect a "return to work" check is supposed to help those of us who were forced to work our " essential" jobs through this pandemic at reduced hours. Because we're still employed, we didn't qualify for unemployment, we haven't been handed unemployment benefits PLUS $600 each WEEK. We put ours and our families health and lives at risk daily so that goods and services would be readily available, however, got NOTHING extra or any help for doing so. My employer offered us a $300 bonus for working through the pandemic....and they taxed it. So I recieved and extra $168 once. So basically they paid the cost of my health insurance for ONE pay period. Thank you. But now instead of helping us all out, they want the second package to basically offer a check for people who go back to work only? How in tf does that help the rest of us get caught back up on our feet? Because the people who are getting rewarded for"returning" to work have had time to rest and haven't had to worry about commuting to work, or coming in contact with an infected person or dealt with any of the stressors us "essentials" have. But they get extra??? We don't? The government has failed me if this goes through like this and I don't know that I can continue to be proud to be an american anymore....
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    I haven't received the first stimulus check let alone the second one's coming out
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    Democrats and Republicans need to stop going back and forth and come up with a package that can actually help us. Luckily my husband can still go to work, however, he only makes $48,000 a year and I cant because we have 4 child with no daycare available. I'm trying to be resourceful by trying to sell unused belongings on apps even doing postmates but as the 1st on July approaches we don't have rent. The 1st package was great but all it did for my family was catch us up. We didn't get a new TV or take a vacation, we needed it all to cover expenses. Best of all because my husband on his own makes $48,000 annually we do not qualify for any government assistance. I usually would want nothing to do with government assistance but right now it's needed and we cant get any help.
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    Second Stimulus Checks Could Be Sent As Early As August

    Hopefully they come to an agreement and pass another stimulus bill by August 7th. That's the current expectation anyways. Would consider that good news. At least we will know soon enough as Congress is in recess now but will be back between July 20th and August 7th. If they fail to pass anything in that 15 day window, they won't be back until Sept 7th. With cases on the rise and states slowing down or stopping re-opening procedures it seems they should be more motivated to pass something now, then they were say 4-6 weeks ago.

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    This world we live in today is too dam dependent on government stop whining about what you dont have and focus on what we do have. I work when i can at any job i can get i am also self employed so work has not been that great since C-19 and i have a lot of bills but i do what i can. This country made it out of the Great Depression and that was worst than this, but still i hear crying about wheres my money thats just sad, as a army vet with 3 broken vertebrae i still go on. Just saying life is tough but we will prevail, so stop whining and pull up your big boy paints and get it doneThumbs UpVery Happy
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    Your sad why should the government help you your not even prod to be here, Stop your whining and do for your self.