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Still waiting for my check..... Sent out May 1st

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    So according to the irs get my payment tool my check was sent out on May 1st and then i received the letter from the irs about how much i was getting and how i was getting my stimulas which said check/debit card. Its now the 25th of May and still nothing...... I am getting frustrated,stressed out, and worried that its lost in the mail out there and there is no way to exactly track that specific piece of mail. Idk what to do.

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    Kind of in the same situation... My fiance is on SSI and gets his monthly benefits to the Direct Express Card... Stimulus check should have been deposited on that card but instead the get my payment tool said he was being mailed out a check on May 15th... Because it said it was going to be direct deposited we didn't do anything and we also moved on May 1st we did put in a change of address but still no check in the mail... Can't talk to anybody to find out what's going on with it so I guess we're just chalking it up that really sucks!