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Update on Stimulus checks

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    It was stated that people on SSI SSDI OR VETERANS PAY would start seeing their money going to direct deposit accounts starting 5/27/20. So I looked into the get my payment app and it stating my payment will be direct deposited 5/28/20 so everyone please check the GET MY PAYMENT app and see what it says.
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    If you are still having trouble with GET MY PAYMENT then try this:

    1. Put dashes in your Social Security Number ( ex- 123-45-6789)

    2. Go to the following US Postal Service site and enter just your address without the zip code then select Find:

    This will give you the address on file for you with the USPS. Copy and paste that information to include the 9-digit Zip Code into GET MY PAYMENT. Hopefully this will help those of you that are still having trouble with Get My Payment. It worked for me and I have a Direct Deposit date of May 28th. Whether or not I actually get it we will have to wait and see.